Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bonjour from Aigle!

We have just completed our first two days in Aigle so I thought I'd let you know a little about what I have discovered about this unique town. It took two 12 hour flights, two flights just under 2 hours each and an hour’s drive but we made it and arrived here last night at 11pm. The mountains surrounding us are seriously high and what’s even more amazing is that there are townships scatted on them beyond the clouds. Both days the weather has been stunning, we roamed the town for a breather yesterday morning and it’s a very relaxed town full of French deli’s. Speaking another language and trying to understand what they are saying (especially directions) is entertaining to say the least. Keeping a straight face is the hardest part particularly when they are so serious and they think you also speak French when all we can say is ‘we’. We also like to add in a ‘ah’ before saying ‘we’ because it sounds more French like. Unlike road rage upon cyclists in New Zealand people here give you friendly toots and beeps while we are out road riding which gives you a good fright but also puts a smile on your face.

On our first day, after waking up with little sleep, we made up both our bikes (track and road) and headed down to the track for a gym session to wake up a little. The facilities at the UCI World Cycling Centre are all very professional and it’s set up perfectly for a training camp like ours. In the afternoon we headed off on a road ride along the riverside in only short sleeve tops and pants, which was quite exciting coming from New Zealand’s winter! It was really quite interesting riding on the right side of the road instead of the left..roundabout’s are really quite a challenge, it involves thinking and looking to your left instead of the right but it makes the ride much more fun. 

We are staying in the UCI World Cycling Centre accommodation called Mon Sejour. I’m rooming with my sprint partner Steph McKenzie to get maximum bonding time J We have breakfast here but all our other meals we have at the UCI World Track where there is a restaurant and cafĂ©. So far our meals have all been very nice which makes the trip a whole lot better! Today was our first time on the track. It’s smaller than the usual 250m track as it is 200m, so the laps count down faster than usual. But it felt really good! Another hot training session, skinsuits in this heat inside is never ideal but none the less we all looked good too. The boys and girls pursuit teams were flying with very quick lap times and all the coaches were impressed. Happy coach = happy student.

Georgie, Me and Cassie on the flight to Heathrow, London.

Photo of Aigle hills.

One of the alleyways full of markets and French deli's

Cassie, Me and Georgie on the street we are staying on.

Scott, Me and Georgie in town.

Mon Sejour, where we are staying.

Steph and I at the World Track Centre, Switzerland.

My Coach JR at the door of the Musculation (the Gym).

Steph and I at the World Track Centre.

Me riding too and from the track stacked with gear.

Well that's all for now, will  be sure to update you again soon.

Au revoir!

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