Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Friday, August 12, 2011

Last days in Switzerland :)

A couple of days ago we were lucky enough to be taken to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne on our rest day. It was about 30 minutes by train from where we are staying in Aigle. Firstly it was really quite big with lots of displays that were extremely motivational. I watched quite a few of the slide show presentations about the past Olympics and learnt a lot from my day in Lausanne.

The lotus bike at the museum 
The high jump world record outside the museum

Chris, the mechanic did a fine job on the boy’s hair the other night in preparation for race day on the 17th of August. Here is Alex’s hairstyle.
Alex's hair done

Race simulation day sprinters warm up
Yesterday was race simulation day. This is where we do everything exactly the same as we would on race day including race warm up, race wheels, race kit and the real race so that on race day nothing is new and we can make any adjustments we need to now. We did a flying 200m and a Team Sprint yesterday. I was pretty happy with how the day went; I did a PB in my flying 200m (my first time under 12seconds!). And the team sprint was all in sync and ran smoothly. We have found this new spot to do our ice baths in the river which is freezing cold even in the summer time. It works perfectly as it is a 3minute bike from the track J The sandwiches/rolls we get for lunch are delicious! Freshly made everyday with awesome European bread and everyone looks forward to one straight after training! Im actually really enjoying the mustard in them..very nice!
'The Sandwiches'
Ice Bath location
Last night was the coaches’ kilo and it was by far the most entertaining night so far! My athletes, Chris and JR were on top form heading into the night and I was confident on the start line. Steph and I wrote our athletes a warm up programme (including plyo’s) to follow and we even made a play list of songs for them including ‘Aint no mountain high enough’ and little bit of Michael Jackson which they both loved. Every athlete was on the same bike (very simple, Eddy Merckx style) and the same gear, trying to beat the record from the previous year of 1 minute and 14.236 seconds. The handicap was: -5 seconds off your final time for no cleats (which only applied to Steve) and -.5 seconds for every year they were older than Chris (24 years old). Both Ant and Lynn had never been on a track before so there was no way I was going to miss watching these two! There was plenty of banter between the teams and the coaches received some of their own medicine for once from their athletes calling ridiculous split lap times to see the look on their coaches faces. As you will see in Lynn’s kilo video below Georgia is standing in the corner shouting ‘lift’ every lap, just as Lynn does to her  J although the mockery of the event was fantastic, the times were also smoking!! Ant (Levy) did 1 minute and 22.9 seconds, John (Bos) (JR) did a 1.21.0, Ross (Forstemann) did a 1.16.2, Chris (Hoy) did a 1.12.2, Steve (Sunderland) did a 1.30.7 and Lynn (Meares) did a 1.42.7. With the handicaps implied the order ended up with JR in 1st place and Chris in 2nd..How convenient? A very successful night for Steph and I’s team! Also Ant has done an awesome montage with all the riders kilo’s which you can see here..

Chris (Hoy) in action in his Kilo

JR (Boss)  before, during, and after his Kilo

Today we randomly decided we wanted to head up to one of the towns on the mountain-side called Leysin. So Fraser, Alex, Sophie and I jumped on a train after lunch and headed up the mountain. It was absolutely beautiful! Everything I had pictured it to be..quiet, relaxed, little café’s and bakeries, immaculate house’s, and plenty of Swiss flags as always. This day was by far the highlight of my trip. We visited about 4 café’s, roamed the village, met some locals, even saw our coaches descending from another higher village as we were having a coffee!

Leysin village from a hill top

In Leysin town

Having some fun in Leysin on an animal

The coaches found us!

Tomorrow is our last day. We have team sprint work on the track which I’m really looking forward too and then there’s packing..which I’m not looking forward too. 4.25am wake up Thurday morning! 5pm Thursday night arrival in Moscow wooohooo! Bring on the racing!

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