Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keirin Day

Keirin day was yesterday and its always my favourite event as it is exactly like a scratch race but shorter and at a higher speed. I lucked out with my first heat having the Russian and the Great Brittan rider who came first and third from the sprints the day before in my heat where only two went straight through to the semi-final. I came third in the first round which meant I would have a repecharge later on in the session to try and qualify for the semi-final. I won my repecharge :) therefore in the night session I would be racing in the semi-final. The semi-final went great for me! I placed in the top three to put me through to the final - and boy was I ready for it! I was stoked with how awesome my legs felt and the way I rode the semi which left me with very positive vibes for the final. But 5 minutes before the final I was relegated due to 'not holding my line in the final sprint' of the semi-final which meant no final for me. Very unexpected, and disappointing but you can only control what you can and you cant control the officials. So I will have to clock this up as another new experience. The 7-12th keirin ride off didnt go much better as the Italians worked as a team to control the field and then as though my luck had plumeted enough, I spent the next couple of hours getting drug tested :) haha. The best thing about yesterday is that I learnt so much that I can take on to further Keirin's I compete in which for me is a real positive! Team NZL medal tally so far: 9 medals, the most a NZL junior track team has ever produced, the previous medal tally being 5 medals 2 years ago. Last race today..the 500m time trial!
Keirin Semi-Final

Keirin start

Italian stacked 

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