Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mysterious Moscow

Some downtime in the hallway

I have discovered since arriving here in Moscow that it is one interesting country. When arriving at the airport we soon realised that cars do not stop at pedestrian crossing even when you have a trolley of 4 bikes. We also witnessed a car crash..Not surprising at all. Our 1 hour bus trip to the track soon turned into 3 hours stuck in Russian traffic with cars passing us on the footpath.

View from outside our accommodation 
The track is 250m from our accommodation which is mega convenient as the track is also where we eat our meals. The track looks nothing like a track from the outside; we actually thought we had arrived at our accommodation at first. The meals are well...always an exciting part of the night; you never know what is going to be served up. The first night it was offal and liver which killed our appetite but the last couple of nights haven’t actually been too bad. We get a mystery crumbed meat, a lot of strange pastries, a salad and plain pasta...yum yum!

Fraser's photo of the outside of the velodrome
I love the Moscow velodrome! It’s like a roller coaster, perfect for sprinting! The drop off the banking gives you an extra run off which means less energy expenditure, for greater speed! Seeing the different countries arriving each day is also really cool, they have new bikes, cool team kits and there is always awkward multi-language conversations that involve funny sign language between us.
Making up our bikes with other countries 

Junior World Track Cycling Champs start in 3days now with the Team sprint first up! Very keen to get racing…BRING ON THE WORLD!

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