Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update number two

Me doing my Hip Thrusts at the gym

Nutrition table at the track
I thought I'd keep you updated on my journeys. We are still in Aigle, we leave here on the 12th of August (a day before my birthday J) so plenty of chamois time to pack in. Another great day of weather here today, sun shining, perfect temperature with a low humidity. I woke up at 6.45am for an early morning spin on the bike to wake up the legs. Then off to gym for a session at 8.00am. Here I am above doing Hip is always good fun! A delicious lunch was delivered to our rooms by Steve our manager at 10.30am in order to have enough time to digest it before our track session at 1pm. Steph and I headed off for an amazing coffee on our way to track and managed to sneak some time in the sun also. We had 16 x 65m team sprint starts today at track and the sensations were good J Our recovery after training is looked after by the physio Ant. Firstly its lollies, then an ice bath and a protein shake all provided for us. Then off on a recovery road ride back to our accommodation. Above is a picture of our nutrition table set up for training including a personalised drink bottle, museli bars, sports hydrate drink, lollies, yoghurt drinks, nutella sandwiches, protein powder and fruit. Ant, the physio is great! When I arrived back to our accommodation I was first on the massage list so I got a 45minute rub down of my legs and back. He has even brought a portable ultrasound with him in case of any bad injuries! For the last couple of nights some of the other athletes and I have gone out for hot chocolates after dinner to get a bit of fresh air. Tonight we headed down to a cafĂ© opposite the train station where there was plenty to see and talk about and the food here in Aigle is always delicious. Last night when we were roaming the town down an alleyway full of restaurants, a random firecracker went off which was really loud but the locals didn’t even look and stare to see who had let off this massive bang. Its as though it was the usual..I found it quite strange to be honest.
Steph having her coffee

Cassie's smoothie and Alex and I on one of our fresh air strolls.

Frasers sorbet and Alex and his hot chocolate and dessert.

As a tradition, all the support staff that are on the campaign have do a Kilo which is 1000m from a stationary start, and the fastest rider over this distance wins. This year I have the honour of having JR (girls sprint coach) and Chris (mechanic) as Steph and I's athletes to look after. And they will be sure to be in fine form come race day. So we took JR along to the gym with us this morning to do an activation session prior to track in the afternoon. He is working on the less is more training approach (to prove it doesn’t work!). This photo on the right shows Steph encouraging our athlete JR, during his one legged leg press at the musculation (gym). Chris never stops; he works all day and night to make sure our bikes are going the fastest they can. His willingness to help out and efficiency on the job is seriously impressive and personally I find it quite motivational towards my own training. Yesterday he skipped lunch to file out an aero bar extension that was stuck in Scott’s bars so they were ready in time for his session later that afternoon. It is these qualities – along with a reasonable amount of saddle time – that makes me excited about both of my athlete’s kilos!

We are very well looked after here with 7 support staff to 11 athletes. We have 3 coaches, a support coach, a mechanic, a manager, and a physio. We are given a daily programme every night for the next day and if you’re not on time bad luck, you miss out. At every training session the support staff are constantly checking to see that you’re ok and always offering to help out with whatever they can which is a real treat.

One of the UCI's teams extra long van

The boys team pursuit getting ready for an effort today at training
Tomorrow is a recovery day which means we are able to go have a swim down at the waterhole or travel to nearby towns by train to go shopping and have a look around. I think I will head down to Montreux as it sounds like a pretty town to visit. So a couple of us athletes will go for lunch which Im really looking forward too :)

To all that are reading this..thanks for taking your time to do so and hope you are all well.


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