Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Monday, August 6, 2012

Juniors Worlds Preparation in Rockhampton, Australia

The NZ Junior Sprint squad over looking Rockhampton

 I have just spent 2 weeks in Rockhampton, Australia, a town, which has been very welcoming for us kiwis. Our stay couldn’t have been easier with the Rockhampton Cycling club looking after us every step of the way. Here, I met up with my Junior Worlds teammates who were in some fine form!

On the track, about to start an effort in which I chase our coach on the motorbike.

The Rockhampton track was an outdoor, concrete track, which was perfect for the strength phase I was heading into. We were generously supplied with both an erg and a motorbike, to ensure that we could carry out all the training needed for this phase. For me, I carried on the hard work from Europe, which included plenty of tough track sessions, many more sore rest days, and midday siesta's. It was really cool to be training with a new group of people, who were all gunning for the same be the Worlds best!

Les Mills Classes at the gym!

We also worked out at a local gym called the Rockhampton Fitness Centre. It was cool to see that they also used Les Mills fitness Classes (as do I) that were very popular like they are back home! As we entered the gym, I was immediately attracted to a records board. On this, was the heaviest weight that both woman or men, had lifted in different exercises, in the gym..and I couldn’t help myself but try to break one! The Aussie Gym instructor was doing everything he could to make it harder for me ..but I managed to break the Womens Under 18 Squat record with 8 full depth squats (hip below knee at the bottom) at 80kg, one for the bucket list.. tick!

Flashing my abs at the gym..
New U18 Squat record holder with the gym owner and my favorite Horley's protein

This week I headed into school for the first time in two months. I loved catching up with all my friends and getting back into the rhythm of school work again. I actually surprised myself with how much I enjoyed doing homework again! The teachers at St Cuthberts have been very helpful to keep me up to date with all my subjects while I have been away and seeming I'm leaving for yet another month off school tomorrow, I have with me, plenty of books and paperwork to complete :)

Well with less than 1 month to go till race day and the Junior World Champs, I am really happy with how my form is coming along.  I am feeling stronger than ever and I can’t wait to suit up and work on the finishing touches in our final preparation phase in Invercargill.

Off to my favorite velodrome and some great southern hospitality!

In the local newspaper in Rockhampton

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