Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mid 2013 update

Hello everyone,

As I’d mentioned, a couple of weeks ago I was on Murray Deaker's SkySport3 TV show "Deaker On Sport".  I have uploaded my interview onto YouTube for those who missed it:

On TV!

Also, there have been a number of articles about my Japan Keirin trip online too:

While away in Japan I designed a ‘Pita Pit’ cycling kit which has just arrived, and I think it looks great! There's nothing like a moving billboard riding throughout New Zealand.

Sophie (NZ elite triathlete) and me in the Pita Pit Cycling Kit

Since arriving back from Japan, I took a nice break for a couple of weeks and have now been back into training for a while. Our NZ Women's Track Sprint program is based domestically this season, and so far I’m loving it. I have recently become a Carded athlete by High Performance Sport New Zealand at Level 2 which puts me with the athletes hopefully tracking towards a top 8 finish at the 2016 Olympic games and ideally tracking towards a podium finish at the 2020 Olympics. Level 1 is for the athletes targeting a podium at the 2016 Olympics. I am taking advantage of all the perks this brings, and have really benefitted from being in this athlete centred environment with a couple of Personal Bests already. It’s also pretty cool and inspiring training alongside the likes of Lisa Carrington in the gym, out at the Millenium Institute of Sport and Health….although the Breakers make me look small!

Alex Pledger (Breakers Basketball player), my strength and conditioning coach Marissa, and Me 

The rest of my year consists of a solid block of training, improving all aspects of my sprint cycling with no interruptions.  This will be great. I have an incredibly professional team of support staff working around me and am excited about the progress I’m making!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support!!


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