Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Monday, July 15, 2013

Great News!

Hi Everyone,

Awesome news, I'm excited to announce I have been invited by the Japan Keirin Association to return to Japan to race in the Japan Keirin in the month of September this year!

Getting a second invite is a real honor and I feel privileged to receive it.

There are two international riders again, this time, a different international rider will be joining us. Rebecca James from Great Brittan is also taking part in the Japan Girls Keirin, which is very exciting! She is the current World Champion in both the Keirin and Sprint events. However, I will miss Kaarle who was great company last time.

I also received my first semmester exam results this week. These consisted of a B+ in Economics and a B- in Accounting, both of which, I am very happy with! Next semmester I will be continuing my BCom extramurallay at Massey University so that I can fit my studies in better with my training and racing schedule.

I look forward to catching up with my Japan Keirin friends again, my Japanese is coming along nicely.

I will keep you updated!


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