Paige Paterson

Paige Paterson

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 Mid-year Update

Tearing up the roads in my Rapha kit!

After nationals I had a couple of weeks break, visited some friends down in Wellington and even went up flying in a little aeroplane! Having had some quality fun time, the bad news came that I had been decarded and dropped from the NZ cycling program.  Not only had I been dropped, but so had most of the other girls - leaving the NZ Track cycling program with only 7 girls and 19 boys. This meant I had to go out and find myself a new coach, a new strength and conditioner, a new gym, new sponsors to fund my cycling journey, and most importantly - find myself some track time, in order to train. I was really fortunate to have people like Rob Waddell (2000 Sydney Olympic Gold medalist in Rowing) take time to meet with me and offer advice and motivation on ‘going at it alone’!! 

Cloud hopping during my time off!
I also did a bike review for the NZ Road Cyclist Magazine after nationals

Positive about the fresh new start, I quickly had a fantastic coach in hand, free membership at Cambridge Fitness gym, and everything was progressing to the extent of doing better powers on the track than at nationals where I picked up 2 bronze medals! I found it great having the freedom to do what worked best for me, and obviously it was working!

My next race was supposed to be next week in Adelaide, however during training on the velodrome, I had a nasty crash slamming into the back of a 90kg, slow traveling newbie while traveling at 65+kph. And as you can guess - 90kg vs. 60kg meant that I came off second best. The aftermath: Two fractures in my spine (T7 & T8), a spinal hematoma 1.5cm thick and severe concussion. This meant 2 weeks in a neck brace and weeks of rest ahead. Today marks 1 month to the day of the crash and although slow, I am pleased with my progress.  I have been back on the stationary bike at Cambridge Fitness for two weeks now doing recovery work and this week I hit the gym doing body weight exercises.  My body is feeling better each day and I’m looking forward to getting back into some tough training when my body is back at 100%.  A big thank you to Dr. Penny Thompson at Ascot Radiology and Dr. Sarah Beable from Unisports for all your help with my recovery process!

In hospital after my accident
Horleys keeping me fueled during my recovery!

Next up is a UCI race in September, then Oceania’s over in Adelaide in early October, so this gives me a good amount of time to get back on top of my training and be firing for the end of the year!

On the other side of the fence, I have been working as an instructor at the Avantidrome. Its great seeing people of all ages walk out with a complete buzz after riding a lap on the black line of the track. Instructing is also a great way to meet new people, and I love seeing them come back for more once they have caught the bug! Last week we had a corporate day with BNZ bank, getting all 80 of them on a track bike zooming around was awesome fun! Ending the day with a 1 lap individual time trial sealed the deal - A lot of competitive men that's for sure!

The BNZ Corporate day taking place at the Avantidrome 

Me and Mum now have matching Fixies!

I would like to thank you everyone for your amazing support during my tough start to the year. I’m positive as always and don’t you worry - I’ll be back! Hungrier than ever before..

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